Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mainsheet post

Put mainsheet post in today. Under it is a small block of 1/8" ply epoxied to hull for support. Placed the post on it and mixed up a hot batch of peanut butter consistency epoxy with 407 filler(ran out of 410), centered it and let sit overnight. Today I built the brace that you see supporting it to support the deck. Decided on a flat deck. Easier, lighter, and quicker to build.

You can also see the rudder post and brace epoxied in and the rudder servo dry fitted and ready to epoxy.

Note the stern... I cut the original station down to about 1/2" from the hull when planning on doing a skiff deck. No skiff deck planned now, so I added another stern section and will do a cross member on top flush with original station that was cut down. AS a result, the middle portion will be recessed and look pretty neat. Now have a few options to be creative now. Till the next post.

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