Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hull Fiberglassed tonight

1.2 oz plain weave fiberglass cloth arrived today. Was dying to get it so I could glass hull then pop the bulkheads out inside and fit keel and rudder and get electronics aligned. Mixed a batch of West System epoxy with slow hardener. Angled the cloth at 45 degrees, poured small amounts on starting by keel hole and went from bow to stern, then squeegeed down and out. Will let it sit for a few hours and then cut cloth at hull topsides while epoxy still green(uncured). Let it cure overnightthen see how it comes out. Will likely need a bit of light sanding with light grit paper, then ready to prime assuming I did as good as a job as I think I did on the sanding the bare balsa prior to the fiberglassing.


  1. Looks good Chip! Just one layer on the outside? I think on my original hull (soon to be a chip bowl) I used 2 layers of 4oz S-Glass on the outside and one on the inside. Hew vacummed the inside layer.

  2. just one so far. Can do another if needed. My other iom i did only one layer with 1.5 oz and two coats of epoxy and the planks were 1/16th inch and so far it's holding up real well. Just glassed the inside today from behind the keel to forward of where the mast ram bulkhead will be. Can always do another layer.