Tuesday, April 14, 2009

done minus new sails and mast ram

here she is and she sails great still. just added battery and receiver pot and elastic that runs from mainsheet post thru block in stern and then to control sheet to tension the sheets so they do not get caught up inside on sail arm. All needed now is new "blackmagic" sails and mast ram to make perfect. Love to see how she does against other IOM's but none around here.... oh well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Test Sail... SUCCESSS!!

Took her out on her maiden voyage with my recycled sails. Installed new mast ram. Boat sailed great. In the light air, 3-5 knots, match racing my "triple crown", she was slightly faster with a lower point. When breeze built and came up to 8-12ish she was way faster and pointed as high or higher. Wasn't expecting this as the "triple crown" is 7 inches wide vs 9" for the "vektor". Even more surprising was that even with crap sails, the boat was faster. On a reach, forget it. On a run, forget it, upwind virtually the same. Ordered new turning blocks for smoother trimming, and recessed pot to store batteries and receiver. Will order sails and rigging as soon as $ come in. May not even need to though as this test sail was way beyond what I expected. I wish there were a few racing IOM's to match race against other than my other build. If anyone comes to Eastern LI and you own and IOM, let me know. Or if your close, I'll take a daytrip within reason

All-in-all, a great success.... Will try and get pics and a video soon....